Magnesi Magic All Sports 125ml

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Back Pain, Sore Joints, Muscle Fatigue, Imflamation?

You NEED Magnesi Magic All Sports

Spray & Play, Magnesi Magic is the MOST concentrated source of Magnesium Chloride you can buy, the addition of Apple Cider Vinegar & Aloe vera also make it the MOST EFFECTIVE magnesium product available.

You won't believe the results, simply spray on the affected area, massage in & within minutes you will feel the relief.

Continue reading for more information on this amazing product.

For thousands of years, efficient, superior movement has been the hallmark of winning athletes
Magnesium is a key macro mineral essential for triggering over 350 cellular biochemical processes.
Today, the growing body of Magnesium research highlights the pre-eminent role Magnesium plays in
supporting peak athletic performance for both human and animal athletes alike, showing it to be a
crucial regulator in the cellular processes related to oxygen metabolism for cellular energy production,
pain and inflammation reduction, neuromuscular relaxation and control, and tissue repair and
Being a macro mineral, Magnesium is used by the body in large amounts and must be constantly and
regularly replenished. The strain of exercise, sweating and nervous tension can all quickly deplete
cellular Magnesium reserves, and this can result in reduced efficiency of the vital cellular biochemical
processes affecting movement. During exercise, this can manifest as inefficient cardio-respiratory
performance, muscular fatigue, cramping or “tying up” and generally higher pain and inflammation
Magnesium administered through the digestive tract has been shown to be less than half as effective
in raising cellular Magnesium levels as targeted, topically administered Magnesium. Animals are also
prone to scouring when high levels of Magnesium are administered orally through feed or water.
Furthermore, studies have shown that topical Magnesium can raise cellular Magnesium levels up to 5
times faster than orally administered Magnesium.
Magnesi Magic is proudly Australian made and owned. Our all natural transdermal Magnesium
sprays and gels combine highly pure and concentrated Magnesium Chloride with the goodness of
proportional quantities of Australian organic aloe vera inner leaf juice and/or apple cider vinegar that
cleanse and open skin pores and hair follicles to promote rapid Magnesium absorption, then gently
soothe and nourish the skin and hair. All our ingredients are organic, food grade classified and
completely safe for human and animal consumption.